Sunnyvale Turf Installation

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Synthetic grass is an advanced product that is human-made but no way less than natural grass. There is no compromise with the appearance and comfort compared to natural grass. People are increasingly attracting faux grass to decorate their lawns, balcony, rooftops, and outdoor landscape. Faux grass is safe to use; hence it is widely installed in residential and commercial properties, school playgrounds, stadiums, sports complexes, communal parks, etc. there is no limitation to where you can use them. You think of a place, and it can be installed there.

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Safety First!

Safety is ensured with the application of fake grass as shock pads are used in creating faux grass. The shock pads prevent the cases of injuries if anyone falls on the ground. This makes it a good option for playgrounds in parks, schools, and sports complexes. 

Application of Artificial Grass

Schools and Nursery – There is a wide range of benefits of using faux grass for children’s play areas in schools and nurseries. The safety and security of kids are supreme when you send them to schools. Artificial turf provides a safer school environment where your kids can play freely. The ground surface underfoot is comfortable, non-slippery, and cushioned with the use of faux grass. That is why fake grass has become such a popular feature amongst schools. 

Roof Gardens and Terraces – Rooftop gardens or lawns are a great idea to own personal green space. Community parks are a great attraction for walkers and those who find some quiet space, but many people don’t get time to visit parks. They look for alternate options, and the same is available with turf installation. People are investing their time and money in terrace gardens and rooftops development.

Attractive artificial lawns and natural-look synthetic grass play a key role in finishing off such projects. The value and appeal are certainly increased if you couple the artificial turf with little additions like lawn sofa, chair, tables, and plants. The drainage system is properly installed to keep the lawn dry after rainfalls. 

Residential Application – Invest in a family-friendly, pet-friendly lush garden that remains green 365 days a year. The faux grass is durable enough to remain in its original color throughout the year. It is not only for the very first year, but it can go longer. The highest quality grass does not settle for anything less than a natural grass that will stand the test of time. 

Installation – There is no match to professional turf installation as it saves both time and effort with an unmatched finish for your rooftops, balcony, patios, gardens, or any other outdoor space. The installation team first removes the existing materials like soil, weeds, or anything lying above ground. Then they cover the surface with base material like gravel mix. The other steps, like custom fitting turf, tucking turf edges, applying filler, and grooming is done step by step. 

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