Sunnyvale Stone Veneer

It’s not a secret that stones look great on houses. Natural stones come with different textures, designs, and shapes, so they always provide a unique look to the house. On top of that, stones are pretty reliable at handling extreme conditions. That’s why we are seeing an increasing number of stones being used on exteriors of houses, pavements, driveways, and interior designs. But, more often than not, stones are quite costly, and their transportation is not easy. But it’s undeniable that the looks of stones add to the elegance of a house. That’s why stone veneer is becoming a norm today.

Stone veneer is a perfect substitute for actual natural stones. If you are constrained by certain circumstances, but can’t let go of the beauty of stones, then the stone veneer is your best option. If it’s done perfectly, it looks as good as stones and performs pretty well too.

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What is a Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is kind of a faux product that is supposed to imitate the looks of stones, in a much cheaper and convenient way. Stones are extracted from nature, and they hold their natural texture and appearance all through their life. But they are heavy, they are hard to install, and they can be very costly. On the other hand, veneer focuses on just the exterior surface to replicate the looks of stones without even using them.

Stone veneer is primarily manufactured using Portland cement and by mixing pigments and other things with it. Before the process, it is a must to get the full knowledge of the surface, its condition, deterioration possibility, and the ability to withstand the veneer in the long haul. Before the installation, applying a proper Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) is a must. The WRB layers handle the drainage and protect the surface from the mortar. Weep screed allows the moisture to get away from the structure. WRB is a very important basic that professionals must get right. Creating the proper mortar is another very important thing. Stone veneer needs a perfectly functional water management system, as well. On top of that, a flawless scratch coat is applied over the veneer to keep it safe from weather anomalies. 

Why Hire Only Professionals?

Stone veneer is manufactured to emulate the appearance of stones, and that’s why they come with a wide range of designs and structures. They are cheap and lightweight, but they are not as strong as natural stones. If the installation is not done properly, stone veneers can easily develop cracks and might look unnatural. That’s why it’s important to hire reliable masonry contractors who have the necessary experience and knowledge of these works.

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