Sunnyvale Stone Masonry

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When you construct buildings, sculptures, walls, paths, etc. using stone as the primary material, the process is known as stone masonry. In the initial days of world civilization, people relied upon stones for making all kinds of structures, be it a house or an aesthetic statue. In modern houses, stone masonry is used mostly for the luxury and beautiful finish they offer. 

You can opt for stone masonry for your driveway, patio, sidewalks, floor, and various other areas. Stone has somewhat lost in the competition to brick and concrete masonry, but nothing can beat the elegance of a perfect stone finish. However, since stones are completely natural, it is more expensive to install stone pavers, stone walkways, or get any type of stone masonry done for your living space compared to concrete or brick. The good thing is that stone is extremely resistant to all sorts of environmental pressures and lasts very long. If you want your space to exude luxury, elegance, and style, stone masonry would be an ideal option.

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Stone And Mortar

There are two key ingredients of stone masonry. One is, of course, stone, and the other is the mortar. Choosing stones for stone masonry is a crucial task and requires professional expertise. The quality, shape, and strength of the stones determine how well-structured the final product would be. The stones need to be sturdy and free from cracks and fissures. Sandstones, limestones, marble, granite are some of the popular choices of stone for stone masonry. 

Now the next important element is the mortar. Mortar holds together the pieces of stones and provides strength to the structure. The binding mixture of mortar is made from lime or cement, mixed with sand and water. The type of mortar depends on the hue of the stone and the shape of the structure. 

Types of Stone Masonry

The two major types of stone masonry are rubble masonry and ashlar masonry.

Rubble masonry

As the name indicates, the stones used in rubble masonry aren’t polished. They either remain undressed or possess a rough texture. The sizes and shapes of the stones are not uniform at all. 

Ashlar masonry 

In ashlar masonry, each stone has a proper defined shape. The stones are cut and curated with perfection so that all stones have a uniform shape and size. 

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Stone masonry is not a child’s play. Only experienced craftsmen can achieve the art of stone masonry. We at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros believe in the quality of our service. Since we provide only experts in the field, you can rely upon their skills completely. Stone masonry is much more intricate than brick and concrete masonry, and its visual appeal is matchless. For such an artistic yet sturdy construction, you need to trust only the leading masonry contractor. To get a quote for your house today, just give us a call at (650) 398-0309, and we will be there at your service.