Sunnyvale Stamped Patio

A picture of stamped patio in Sunnyvale.

Building a new house is a long-term and struggling process. We accompany our clients and make this process easy and short-term but with long-lasting results. Our experts help people to bring forth their innovative construction ideas with suitable and reliable results. When people make new homes, they surely make a luxury area, which is called a patio. We offer to make stamped patios in your new homes and also to upgrade your backyard through resurfacing.

Leading Stamped Patio Contractor

Sunnyvale Concrete Pros ensures to provide you with high-quality stamped patio in Sunnyvale. Contact us at (650) 398-0309 and get free estimates.

We suggest concrete as the best construction material because it is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and has a wide range of patterns and designs.

We offer to use concrete as a construction material because, compared to other materials, it has a long life. These are outdoor constructions, so we suggest such material that should resist all the hard weather conditions and be cost-effective, and that is concrete. Unlike other materials like wood, it needs very less maintenance.

Patterns and Designs

With concrete, we can make any design or pattern on customers ’ demand because concrete can be molded into any frame or pattern. One of the most straightforward designs of the concrete surface is a broom finished concrete surface that is also useful to avoid slippery when wet. The easy molding of concrete gives ingenious ideas for designing the patios. A patio can be designed according to the weather, that either you need a winter-friendly patio with a fireplace or a summer-friendly patio combining a pool deck. It can also be built to enjoy the rainy weather.

Our company also deals in other constructions related to a patio like an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, a garden box, or a barbeque area. 

An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen could be an entertainment venue for your friends and family gatherings. During gatherings, the most crucial part is to have a meal together. We can design your outdoor kitchen as you can sit together while cooking or grilling. We have as many ideas as you want. We can build different types of countertops, barbeque areas, or sitting areas in a patio. 

Options for Kitchen Countertops

We can make your kitchen decor very stylish by using concrete. Concrete countertops need very little maintenance and have excellent design flexibility. It is the most popular construction material used for kitchen countertops. But we can also make granite countertops and stone countertops on customers ’ demand. These countertops, accompanied by a barbeque griller, create an outdoor kitchen one of a kind.


We can make your outdoor kitchen all-seasoned entertaining venue by attaching the pool deck with the patio for summers as well as constructing a fire in the courtyard for winters. 

We can build any fireplace. It may be a stone, concrete, brick, or block fireplace. We can also build it up in such a design that you can also use it as an oven as it will make an excellent combination for your outdoor kitchen.

Garden Box

A garden box is useful for an organic or decorative garden. We can build as big or as small concrete garden boxes for your patio or backyard.


It is not necessary to build a new home for having a patio. We can work out on your backyard to make it a beautiful patio. We can also resurface the already constructed patio to give it a modern look.

You can avail of all these heavy type constructions on a very light note on just calling us at (650) 398-0309. We will be at your doorstep anywhere in Sunnyvale, CA.