Sunnyvale Stamped Driveway

picture of a concrete driveway in Sunnyvale, California

A driveway gives the initial introduction of the inner beauty of the house, so it should look splendid at first glance, and we offer to make them modern and renovate the older ones through resurfacing. We have a vast range of designs for driveways as stamped concrete can be molded into any shape, and any desired color can be created.

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What is a Driveway

It is a small pathway that takes the car into the carport or garage of the house from the road.

If your driveway is old and boring, it will diminish the beauty of your house. So we can redesign your driveway or can build the latest one too. We offer to make stamped driveways that have lots of choices in color and shape.

Stamped Driveway

The stamped driveway is built through stamped concrete embossed into such a pattern that it can resemble any other material like brick, slate, flagstone, tile, etc. Here are some reasons to use stamped concrete for the classy driveways.

Benefits of Stamped Driveway

Popular Choice

Stamped concrete is used in many types of constructions, and it is easy to handle, so contractors are choosing it popularly. Even people like to choose stamped concrete because of its wide range of textures, colors, and finishing.


We can make the stamped driveways to look similar to any surface as our client wants. Some examples of stamped concrete patterns for driveways are mentioned below:

  • London cobble (textured like cobblestone)
  • European fan (made like slate stone)
  • Rough stone texture 
  • Sanded slate pattern


There are many options to give finishing to the driveway as we can give it a look of broom finish concrete or salt finish concrete. In broom finishing, we use a broom to give texture finish to the pavement as it helps to control the slippery, and in salt finishing, we use rock salt on the surface of the wet concrete to give it a salt look. There is also a wide range of colors for the finishing of the driveway.


It is necessary to make edges of your driveway because it is not only the looks, but it saves the driveway from chipping and cracking. It also helps protect our lawn because if there is a driveway, people will avoid walking on the grass. It also minimizes soil erosion.

So, we have different types of border ideas to make the driveways look more beautiful. Some of the materials used to form borders of the driveways are cobblestone pavers, brick pavers, river wood or logs, Belgian blocks, concrete curb, or concrete pavers.

Resistant Power

The stamped concrete driveway is highly weight resistant as this pathway is mainly for cars so it can bear as much load as you want. It is also slip-resistant. It is crack resistant and needs low maintenance. It can be cleaned very fast with little.

Durability and Cost-effective

A stamped concrete driveway is best for the long run. After constructing a stamped driveway, you can stay tension free for years because it is highly durable. Moreover, it is suitable economically because it is cheaper than other materials.

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