Sunnyvale Concrete and Masonry Services

We at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros aim to provide you the best available services in the market. From experienced professionals to industry-leading resources, we have them all. So whenever you are in need of a quality contractor, you know whom to call.

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A good contractor provides you with all the necessary services related to your landscape. And we are no different! Rather, we are a step ahead of any other contractors, thanks to our years of experience and expertise in this field. If you have a masonry work that needs a fix, we are at your service. From concrete to bricks to all kinds of stones, we find every opportunity to innovate and customize them to our clients’ needs. We provide a long range of services when it comes to building your dream landscape. Below we have detailed a list of the major services that we provide, but you can get in touch with us anytime for any special demand. We are always here at your service!

The Services We Offer

Sunnyvale Concrete Pros is the one-stop destination for all your hardscaping needs. Right from the beginning to the very end, we stay by your side so that your project can turn out to be flawless. Here are the concrete and masonry services that we offer:


A beautiful driveway can change the entire look of a property. Concrete is the most suitable material for working on a driveway. It’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, requires low maintenance, and on top of that, it’s affordable! From planning by experts to executing the concrete work and finally putting the finishing touch, you are just a call away from getting a solid and beautiful driveway. 

Pool Deck

The pool deck area is enjoyed by everyone. A great pool day is not possible without a beautiful and solid surface around it. From kids to adults, everyone loves to chill by the poolside. That’s why your pool deck area needs to be perfect. There’s no other way. And we know that! For this reason, only we have mastered the art of constructing excellent pool decks that are both reliable and eye-catching.


If you want to impress your guests, get yourself a beautiful patio. Patios are not only a great place to host a party, but it is also your personal space. So you will need a patio that is beautiful, reliable, and low on maintenance. We have struck the perfect balance in terms of providing customizability, reliability, and sophistication. 


Fireplaces look beautiful, and they feel amazing. For the warmth on a wintry night or just for a fun group chat, a fireplace is useful every time. Be it a concrete fireplace or be its brick fireplace, we are the experts you need. 

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Brick Masonry

Working with bricks is not easy. And that’s what makes us the best. We not only provide all kinds of bricklaying services, but we also make sure that your brick paver, brick patio, and brick fireplace come out perfect.

Stone Masonry

Stones are beautiful to look at, but they are quite tricky to work with. That’s why you should always hire professionals like us who have ample knowledge of each and every stone. We offer services like stone pavers, stone patio, stone countertops, and even stone veneers. 

Working with all kinds of materials is not everyone’s strong suit. But we like to overcome every obstacle. That’s why we have created a workforce that is efficient and competent. From residential projects to commercial projects, we are your best choice for all kinds of construction needs. We provide a wide range of services, which is not even possible to list down on one page.

If you are in the Sunnyvale area, just give us a call, dial (650) 398-0309, discuss what you want to get done, and Sunnyvale Concrete Pros will be at your service instantly.