Sunnyvale Pool Deck

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Your pool in the backyard is the perfect spot for you to chill. You enjoy the water, the sun, but not the excessively warm pool deck area. The deck becomes unbearably hot due to the sun, and tiptoeing to the pool and the surrounding area is a hard task. And children who are always running around and enjoying, suffer the most. That’s why it’s very important to get yourself a proper fix for your pool deck area. 

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Investing in a material that will keep your pool deck cool is a must. A cool deck manages to keep the heat away from the surface so that it doesn’t get in your way of enjoying a nice pool day. The market is flooded with great options for the pool deck, and the kool deck is the undisputed leader. 

Difference Between A Pool Deck and Kool Deck

You might be confused now as to why there’s a thing called kool deck when we already have the pool deck, but we will come to that soon. 

The pool deck is the generalized term that focuses on the specialized decks manufactured in a way to keep the heat away from the surface so that the pool deck area feels less hot. There are multiple varieties of cool decks available in the market, but we will advise you to get a kool deck. 

Kool Deck is a specific product that was trademarked by a company in Tucson, the USA, back in the 70s. This product is the original cool deck, and the rest are newer and often inferior substitutes. 

Opt For Kool Deck Construction

Kool decks work best when it comes to keeping your pool deck surface cooler. Cool decks and kool decks are manufactured to perform the same task, but in our experience, we have found that kool decks are way better.

One of the biggest plus points of the kool deck is its effectiveness. It efficiently transfers the heat to the soil in the bottom, and the surface feels more comfortable. Another great thing about the kool deck is that it can easily withstand the thermal contraction and expansion during extreme weather changes. 

Compared to other cool decks, the kool deck carries a more aesthetic look, so it’s visually appealing. Kool decks come in multiple variants, so there’s little to worry about looks. Apart from that, it’s extremely easy to clean the deck area. With its water resistance properties, the kool deck becomes a very convenient choice. 

Kool Deck Installation Process

Kool decks are great in functionality, but they can also be tricky to install. Doing it on your own is not an ideal approach, and we cannot stress this enough. There are thousands of things that can go wrong in the installation process if expert hands do not. Kool deck installation is trickier than the installation of an average acrylic surface, and that’s why it’s always better to trust a licensed company for the job. 

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