Sunnyvale Patio

A picture of patio in Sunnyvale.

A patio is a grand addition to your outdoors. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outdoors, a patio might be just the right answer for you. A patio, if well installed, will help you transform your home and increase its value. When it comes to hardscaping, patios have shown impressive results as further as aesthetics are concerned. At Sunnyvale Concrete Pros, we are a reputable patio contractor to give you all the professional help you need.

About Sunnyvale Patio

When you work with us, your patio project is in professional hands, and there is nothing you will have to worry about. We offer quality services at a pocket-friendly price. Call us a call today at (650) 398-0309 if you are looking to get a Sunnyvale property patio. We will put our expertise to work to give you a lavish-looking patio.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about patios in Sunnyvale. With the right information about patios, you will make the right decision that will help you attain your set goals. Get in touch with us today if you need a patio or other concrete services in Sunnyvale.

Are Patios Cheaper Than Decks?

A commonly asked question in Sunnyvale is whether patios are cheaper than decks. The cost of any project is something you should always consider before getting started on the project. Generally, you will spend more on decks than on patios. However, the costs may vary depending on factors like the materials used, the features, and the addition’s size. Working with an affordable concrete contractor like us is a good way of ensuring you spend less. Reach out to us, and we will help. 

Can Patios Be Painted?

Yes! Patios can be painted to give them a new look if they do look dull. Your patio will have to be cleaned thoroughly before painting. You can choose from an endless list of colors. If your patio is badly worn out, you should reach out to us for repair or replacement at an affordable price.

Can Patios Be Sealed

Sealing your patio is recommended to make it more resistant to damage. This important maintenance practice cannot be ignored. Most homeowners find it hard to choose the right sealer for their patio. If you don’t know which sealer will work best for your patio, contact us at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros. We are a concrete contractor who wants to make sure you make the right choices. 

Can Concrete Patios Be Resurfaced?

If your concrete patio has minor damage, we can resurface it instead of replacing it with a new one. Resurfacing is the cheapest way of restoring your patio to look attractive again. Once resurfaced, you can decide to add other cool finishes like stamping, or integral colors to make your patio more elegant.

Talk to us, and we will determine if your concrete patio is a good candidate for resurfacing. You can easily reach us by calling (650) 398-0309.