Sunnyvale Decorative Concrete

Concrete is one of the most common choices for making floors, walls, and driveways. Concrete makes the surface strong and long-lasting. However, boring grey concrete may not be a great thing to look at. That is why we use decorative concrete to increase the aesthetic quotient of your floors, while at the same time maintaining the durability of the concrete work.

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Varieties of Decorative Concrete

As you already are aware, concrete looks bland. Even though it is tough, can tolerate almost anything, and will last a lifetime, they are not great at making a space look beautiful. Decorative concrete is an easy solution to this problem. 

To turn plain-looking concrete into designed, decorative concrete, several materials can be used. Stamped concrete, decorative overlays, acid staining, polished concrete are some of the popular choices you can choose from. Still, there are plenty of other materials, such as vertical overlays, concrete countertops, and so on. 

Stamped Concrete

When you wish that your concrete floor, patio, or driveway resembles some other material, choosing stamped concrete is a good option. Concrete stamps are used for recreating the color and texture of wood, stone, brick, shells, etc. to your concrete floor or wall. While using actual stone and wood may be heavily expensive, you can get stamped concrete at an affordable price tag. Concrete stamps are the perfect blend of gorgeous finish paired with the strength and durability of concrete.

Concrete Overlay 

The concrete overlay is an excellent choice when you want to refinish your concrete floor, driveway, pool deck, or patio. You will get rid of the monotony of your grey slab, and a designed concrete resurfacing will enhance the look of your house or office space. The entire process takes very little time if you hire professionals. Also, concrete overlaying costs very less. 

Concrete Countertops

Decorative concrete is widely used for making concrete countertops. You can make these countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces. The best part about concrete countertops is that you can customize them according to your preference. They look elegant and are sturdy enough to endure any kind of pressure. Concrete countertops do not require much maintenance either. When you are installing a concrete countertop, you can choose to replicate the finish of marble or granite or add any color of your choice.

Installing decorative concrete, whether you go for stamped concrete, concrete overlaying, concrete countertops, or anything else, can be a difficult job to do unless you are properly trained. Hence, it is wise to choose only professionals when it comes to such an intricate task. To get your job done at the best price by the most efficient masonry contractors, please contact us (650) 398-0309 to get quotes.