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When you need your teeth cleaned you contact a dentist. When you need your car fixed you call a mechanic. To buy a new ring you check in with a jeweler. For the internet, it’s your ISP. For pets, a veterinarian.

Our point is:  When you need a professional, you contact one. The same rule applies for concrete and stone masonry. If a client in the area of Sunnyvale, California needs hardscape improvement, refinishing, or refurbishing, the best professionals to turn to would be us: Sunnyvale Concrete Pros.

Your property means the world to you. It’s home for you and your family. If you happen to own a business, it could also be where you work. The importance it all holds for you is something we take very seriously. After all, when you contact us, you’re thinking about saying:  Come over to my house, do some work, make some changes. That’s called trust. And we don’t meddle about with trust. It’s a sacred thing to be held, dear. Call (650) 398-0309 today to get your free estimates.

So what exactly can you trust us with? As experts with many years’ experience in the concrete and natural stone contracting business, a simpler question might be what can you not trust us with (flying an airplane, maybe, or throwing a touchdown pass for the 49ers)? All kidding aside, our expertise does indeed lie with concrete, brick, and stone. We prove it with the work we do. Work on things like:

  • Decorative concrete driveways
  • Concrete patios and pool decks
  • Natural stone driveways, patios, and pool decks
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Kitchen countertops

These are but small samples of our discipline. Rest assured that if there’s hardscape work to be done on your home or business, we’ll have you covered. Our team arrives at the site with the tools, the talent, and the commitment for a job well done.

Dedication to greatness is not just a Sunnyvale thing. For a long time now all of Silicon Valley has had its eye on what can be done to make tomorrow better. We like to think along the same lines. You call a Sunnyvale contractor with the idea of making your property look better, making it an easier, more interesting place to spend time. We understand as much. And yes, we can certainly meet these aspirations, while at the same time befriending our work with the architecture already in place. To put it another way:  Everything is going to harmonize.

Unless of course, you’re looking for contrast. That’s up to our alley as well. We’ve gotten contracts for pink concrete walls to be built around yellow patios (not often, but yes, it’s happened). In fact, the contrast in concrete can be fun simply because of the many iterations it can achieve. A wardrobe full of costumes gives lots of options for Halloween. And please believe us when we tell you that concrete wears many guises. Our stamped concrete service can make the material replicate brick and pretty much all kinds of natural stone. And we do it with color. And we do it with class.

They’re part of what illustrates the quality of our work. Thank you for considering Sunnyvale Concrete Pros for your masonry project. Call us at (650) 398-0309 for more information.