Sunnyvale Concrete Pouring

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The construction industry is expanding every day. Our contractors know very well about the demanding qualities of a construction project by clients. That’s why we use the best and durable constructing material, which is becoming more and more and modern day by day that is concrete.

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It is a compound made up of cement, water, and aggregates. Concrete is used by pouring it into the frames and molds, and it becomes hard later on into the shape of the required structure. Concrete works very well in the long run, and it is also economic-friendly. It can be handled easily either in small projects or larger erections.

Concrete Pouring

It is the process of how to use concrete. The calculation of usage of concrete depends upon size, shape, and depth. The required color and finishing are also decided before the work starts. This concrete pouring is comprised of some steps that are almost the same in every project. As life and strength of the structure depend upon concrete pouring, so it is done very carefully and intellectually.

There is a proper plan to continue with these steps that are layout, preparation, and placement. Working according to these steps, some cures and techniques are also needed to get the perfect and long-lasting results.


Primarily, a calculation is needed, where the formwork would be done, and borders would be placed. It is the site selection.


The development of concrete is to treat the water, cement, and aggregates together according to the requirement of the construction and weather conditions of the area where the work is being done. For making the excellent quality of concrete, a stirring of 30 minutes is required.

A small batch of concrete can be mixed with a hand mixer, and mixing on larger scales is done through concrete mixing machines. After the preparation, the concrete is needed to be transported on to the site that is turned up with the help of wheelbarrows, buckets, conveyor belts, or pumping.

Concrete Pumping

Pumps, hopper, and pipes do pumping. The tubes are attached to the trucks, and a vacuum is created that pumps the concrete into the ducts for transference.


It is installing the concrete into the right place, which challenges some precautions for acquiring the perfect outcome. The following procedures should be done consciously to avoid any loss.


First of all, the site is cleaned from all grass, stones, or weeds. The surface should be bright and clean.


Formwork is the process of making and placing the frames and borders. They are made up of wood, metal, or plastic. The structures should be rigid and leakage proof so that the cement mix must not leak out.

Early Finishing

When the concrete is poured carefully, not more than the height of one meter above, it will cause segregation, then the process of pre-finishing starts, which is done by trowel. After the placement of concrete tools are used to smooth the concrete surface before it dries.


After the installation of concrete, some curing is needed to minimize the problem of concrete shrinkage. It is done by keeping the concrete damp for many days to set and harden the concrete because the concrete’s strength depends on its hardness.

Last Finish

The most commonly used finishing is broom finishing. In this procedure, a special broom is pulled over the surface for its previous finishing. Other than broom finishing, stamped or textured finishings are also done.

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