Concrete Pavers

Construction is an art, and our artisans show efficiency in every field of construction. One of the construction processes includes pavement. We offer pavement done through concrete pavers, as it is the most long-lasting pavement.

Concrete pavement is a process through which exterior floors are made very powerful by joining concrete pavers. A paver is a paving stone or a brick whose one-to-one joining according to the needed pattern bears any type of weight and weather conditions.

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List of Concrete Pavers

We do projects through the pavement wherever they are needed as like:

Streets and Walkways

We offer to make streets and walkways durable because of concrete pavement as weather conditions become worst sometimes, and the streets and walkways are covered with snow, or heavy rainfall can make the water stagnant. During such conditions, exterior flooring should be powerful so that it might not be broken, and people could get into danger. 

Airport Runways

It is a place where high rigidness is needed because of the runways have to face the heavy loads of aircraft during its parking or exertion of massive forces during take-off. Our service of concrete pavement is perfectly suitable for such a place.

Around Fountains

As the area around a fountain should be water-resistant because due to the fountain reservoir and its shower, that place is always wet, and it may be slippery if the selected construction material is not good. Here, our concrete pavers play a perfect role because they can be joined in any design. 


These public places need full strength exterior floors and walkways because of there common use. People play, and swings are installed here, so we can perfectly use the pavers to make the floor surface long-lasting.

Project Entrances

We offer to make the project entrances as well through concrete pavers. The concrete pavement is a walk-likely surface that enables a person to go as long as he wants without having pain in his feet. Our experienced people can install the pavers in the demanding pattern of the client.

Our experts can do any type of pavement either jointed reinforced, jointed unreinforced, or continuously reinforced concrete pavement.

Jointed Unreinforced Concrete Pavement

In this process of pavement, our team uses small size concrete slabs and joins them together through tie bars and joints, which ensures the interlocking system of concrete slabs.

Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement

We also work on the modified process of pavement, which is done by reinforcing the joined concrete slabs. The concrete slabs are reinforced by embedded steel that avoids cracking and makes the slabs more rigid.

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

In this type of pavement, our employees put the long concrete slabs and reinforced steel bars in the center of the slabs, and longitudinal reinforcement is created through transverse reinforcement bars to lessen the danger of cracks.

Advantages of Concrete Pavement

  1. It is a low-cost procedure.
  2. It needs less maintenance.
  3. Its durability level is good.
  4. It is weight resistant.
  5. It is also weather resistant.

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