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For any kind of construction, getting the base right is always the first and foremost thing. The foundation dictates everything about a project, and it’s of paramount significance to execute it properly. Foundations are mostly made of concrete, and the concrete foundation gives your structure the necessary base to work with. But making a concrete foundation is a very critical job as it involves multiple steps. So let’s look more at getting a solid concrete foundation.

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Concrete Foundation: Steps and Types

A concrete foundation revolves around a specific set of rules that must be followed to get the desired structure. The first step is the proper survey of the area of construction. The blueprints and maps should be analyzed perfectly before starting to work on them. People involved with the project must have a clear idea of the site. 

Excavation is the next important thing. Excavating the soil and leveling the surface should be done properly. Placement of PPC and steels for reinforcement follow next. The foundation process includes the erection of formwork for concrete, placement of the concrete, and concrete leveling. The process generally ends with removing the formwork and applying coats on the concrete structure. The foundation requires a lot of steps that need to be followed rigorously for a solid structure.

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There are a few types of concrete foundations based on the function, structure, and place. The slab-on-grade foundation is achieved by using a single slab of concrete. The slab is poured thicker on the edges to form stability. This type of foundation is cheaper in comparison and is relatively easy to form. In difficult situations, such as grounds that freeze, this might not be the best performer. 

Containment walls need another type of concrete foundation that is meant to withstand heavy-duty works. This is mainly used for industrial protection and in power plants. Suffice to say, this type of concrete foundation needs a lot of work to be executed perfectly. T-shaped foundation, with its wide footing below the frost line, naturally performs better in places where the ground freezes. Apart from these, raised foundations, frost-protected foundations, and various industrial foundations are erected based on the nature of the project. 

Professional Works on Installing Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations hold everything together. Things are built on top of the foundations, and you can not take a risk with the foundation in any way. Poor installation and faulty designs will inevitably lead to cracks in the foundation, and the whole industry can turn out to be a disaster. That’s why it’s always best to go with professionals who have the necessary knowledge of all the things involved with a concrete foundation. We at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros provide you with the required experience and expertise in this field to get the perfect foundation for your project.

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