Sunnyvale Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertops are very popular nowadays, thanks to their customizability. For kitchen countertops, concrete is a very trendy choice. But concrete is not the only option out there. Granite, for the longest time, has been the ideal choice of material for countertops. Apart from this, there are a few other stone countertops that also function nicely and look beautiful. There are also a few choices of outdoor countertops.

So we are gonna take you through a few of them so you can decide better. But if you need more information, just call us at (650) 398-0309 to get free estimates.  Get the best concrete countertops in Sunnyvale now.

Best Countertops Choice in Sunnyvale, CA

It’s no news that concrete countertop has slowly risen to popularity. The primary reason is the sheer amount of choices that come with concrete. You can practically get any shape, size, texture, or color of your choice.

Concrete countertops function very nicely, and on top of that, they look drop-dead gorgeous. Even though concrete countertops look luxurious and perform mostly well, they are prone to stains and cracks can appear on them. Repairing these countertops are also pretty taxing. 

Among stone countertops, Granite is the most compelling choice. Granite countertops look extremely beautiful, and they exude elegance. Granite is extremely durable and withstands heat pretty well. In the past, Granite was used only in high-end homes, but with costs coming down, it has become a convenient choice for most. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor countertops as well. They look splendid in outdoor kitchens. One thing about granite countertops is that, like most stones, they need to be sealed properly to avoid troubles. 

Quartzite is another excellent option that is slowly becoming widespread. Unlike Quartz, Quartzite is a natural stone, and it looks quite luxurious. Quartzite countertops give a fresher look, and they are more resistant to stains and chipping compared to Granite. It performs fairly well outdoors as well because it tackles heat effectively. You can also choose quartzite as a cheaper alternative to marble, as the looks are quite the same. 

Apart from these, marble is a great choice for countertops. They look fancy and function very nicely. Marble is widely used for outdoor countertops as well.

The distinct soapstone is another great choice for outdoor kitchens, and so is limestone. Engineered products like Quartz and Porcelain are also great options for countertops. 

Countertop Installation: Doing It on your Own or Consulting Professionals?

Countertops come with various options, and people seem to try it out on their own. But you need to know that doing it by yourself can often lead to faulty installations that will render the countertops unusable. Concrete, for example, is porous, and you need experts to handle it properly so that stains and breakage don’t occur. Other stones are also extremely susceptible to damages as counterparts installation is quite tricky.

We at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros believe in the quality of our services. We provide only experienced professionals to get the best results. We can vouch for a secure and smooth installation process, which also helps the surfaces in long-term usage. If you are looking for an experienced concrete contractor, just call us on (650) 398-0309.