Sunnyvale Colored Concrete

Every colorful thing gives an appealing look. We facilitate our clients to make all there constructions bright and beautiful. In the field of development, concrete is the premier material that allows making the projects fascinating.

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It is a compound mixture of aggregates and fluid cement, which can be molded into the desired shape, and it hardens later on.

Colored Concrete

We add pigments, dyes, and color hardening to the concrete mixture to get the desired color. Colored concrete giveaway diverseness for decorating ideas. We offer to add vibrant colors to the constructions through colored concrete. It can be used in many projects like driveways, patios, floors, walkways, or pool decks. Colored concrete has both options of using, either in the new constructions or renovating the older ones. Mixing of dyes and pigments in the concrete creates numerous ways of adding details to the house erections.


Extensive Choices

Besides the simple concrete, colored concrete creates a comprehensive palette of colors that can be shaped into any pattern, texture, or design.


In comparison with simple grey concrete, colored concrete has a glamorous look. 


The floors made by colored concrete are smoother as compared to the other materials.


Colored concrete is long-lasting because it does not fade and retains its colors. 

UV Stable

It has a persistent look and does not discolor in a short time because it is strong enough to bear ultra-violet radiation.


It is a material that anyone can pay quickly for it. It has a low price range than other decorative elements.

Easy Handling

They are straightforward to use because dyes and pigments are mixed into cement mixture before pouring, and it creates no mess and gives the desired color after hardening.


Concrete sealers are applied on the surfaces to make them secure from cracking, chipping, or staining.

Intense Coloring

We also have options to make the colors more intense by utilizing the color hardeners.

Color Palette and Creativity

Colored concrete allows us to use it in distinguishing ways and amaze our clients through the constructions and transformations.

There are some commonly used types, and methods for coloring the concrete and all the colors and finishing techniques depend upon these methods, which are listed below:

  1. Stained concrete
  2. Integrally colored concrete
  3. Dyeing concrete
  4. Coloring concrete by color hardener

From an array of endless options of creativity, few techniques are listed here that can be applied by using colored concrete.


Texture can easily be created on concrete overlays or in the new constructions. Two of them are broom finishing and sandblasting. We can also make the surface look natural through the aggregation of color release agents.

Natural Look

The integral colors are mixed with other blends of colors to acquire a natural look.

The most often used colors of colored concrete are red, tan, grey, amber, and brown, but more and more colors are created through the mentioned methods, and we make our blends.

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