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Brick masonry is an umbrella term for various types of brick constructions with the help of mortars. We see brick constructions everywhere. Bricks are particularly adept at handling fire and water. They also last longer, and they have a nice texture. Overall, the bricks are very useful. Combine them with interlocked joints or various kinds of mortars, an entire structure of brick as a whole can withstand anything.

That’s why we see so many building constructions and individual houses using bricks for their needs. Brick masonry becomes a crucial aspect of construction as it revolves around getting the dependable foundation out of a series of bricks. 

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What is Brick Masonry? 

We already know the brilliance of bricks. Brick masonry creates the structure made out of hundreds of bricks to hold itself properly. It’s all about proper fillings for the joints that keep the bricks together. The better the experience and expertise in brick masonry, the better the result. 

One of the most important things about brick masonry is the mortar. It’s very important to get the mortar right. Mortar is the paste that holds the bricks together and which in turn provides the solidity to the structure. The cheapest way is to use mud as mortar. Mud can be used to fill in the joints, and they can hold up the entire structure. But mostly, cement is used for holding bricks together.

Cement paste is created with multiple things, of which cement is obviously, the primary ingredient. Depending on the exterior and structures that are supposed to withstand tough weather, mortar can vary. At first, it’s very important to get the mortar right, considering the function of the structure. If you are looking for an expert contractor in brick masonry in Sunnyvale, CA, call us now at (650) 398-0309.

Sunnyvale Concrete Pros

In brick masonry, leveling of the surface and constantly measuring the height and weight is very important. At all the time, bricks should be of sound quality and should be installed on the perfect level. While mortar joins them together, each layer should be perfectly balanced. All of these should be done keeping the layout structure of the project intact. Wetting bricks with water before using them helps in better cohesion. 

Why Hire Only Professionals 

Brick masonry is a very important part of a construction site, and you cannot risk going wrong with it. The job is quite tricky, and you should only go for experienced professionals. Licensed companies provide you with the necessary expertise in the field, and they also have the experience.

We at Sunnyvale Concrete Pros provide you with all the expert bricklayers and other highly-efficient professionals so that your brick foundation becomes solid, reliable, and beautiful. If you have any doubt, just give us a call (650) 398-0309.