About Sunnyvale Concrete Pros

Sunnyvale is one of the best places in California to live. The balance between urban and residential living is just about perfect. The community is tranquil. Kid-friendly parks line the bay shore. Trees sway over shady streets. Homes and business blocks are well cared for; in fact, most of them maintain a brand new appearance many years after their construction.

The latter is what we want to focus on today. We are, after all, a concrete and stone masonry company. Fine architecture is our tape at the finish line. Choosing Sunnyvale Concrete Pros not only assures you of craftsmanship that compliments, complements, and functions with your landscape, it also gives you dedication to the look, the feel, of California’s most sought after living style. That’s the Sunnyvale way. Dial (650) 398-0309 to get free estimates today! 

Professional Concrete Masonry

Professionalism doesn’t come from a word or a statement. We could spend a whole day claiming to be “professionals” at what we do. But no. Because professionalism comes from experience—and years of experience is exactly what we have. When it comes to concrete that’s especially important. The material has been put to a plethora of uses over thousands of years. Around 1950 things got even better. Masons began to cut, color, and shape concrete into projects never before considered. That technology has carried us right up to today. Silicon Valley is always a little ahead of the curve. We employ modern methods to building things like:

  • Concrete walls
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Driveways
  • Patios and pool decks

Just to name a few. And though our methods may be modern, we don’t spurn tradition. In the past we’ve married our work to the styles of federal, Queen Anne, Greek revival, and more. Our clients have a taste. So do we.

Natural Stone Design

In fact, many of our clients love tradition so much they insist on natural stone for their contract. Nor is this a problem as far as we’re concerned. Who can argue the beauty of marble, terracotta, or limestone? Granite countertops resist scratching. Cobblestone pavers are tough, charming, and easy to repair. And like concrete, we put the material to many good uses. Consider:

  • Marble flooring
  • Flagstone patios
  • Travertine walls

Our team of highly trained experts knows the ins and outs of the trade. Natural stone done right is the only way Sunnyvale Concrete Pros understands it.

Brick Masonry Benefits

Brick is easily accessible, easy to move, and a breeze to install. It looks great for traditional or modern architecture. We’ve done outdoor fireplaces, stairs, driveways, and pool coping in brick. Brick also works great for retaining walls and driveway edging. It all comes down to what pleases you most.

Sunnyvale Concrete Pros takes great pleasure in being Silicon Valley’s number one contractor for concrete and stone masonry. Resident standards are high. We meet them all because of the lofty heights of our own. Calling us for hardscape construction is always your best, smartest choice. Get in touch by dialing (650) 398-0309.